Passing By | 96"x80"

$10,000.00 USD

"Passing By" is a mesmerizing abstract painting that evokes powerful sensations of movement, energy, and dynamism. The massive canvas is dominated by striking black and white hues, which create a bold and dramatic contrast, while hints of blue, red, gold, and bronze add subtle shimmers of color and texture. The painting seems to capture the fleeting passage of time and space as if a storm of emotions and sensations were rushing by. The brushstrokes are fluid and expressive, almost like a dance, with sweeping waves, sharp angles, and swirling vortexes that pull the viewer's gaze in different directions. Passing By is a piece of art that stimulates the imagination and invites contemplation and reflection. It captures the essence of movement and change, and the elusive beauty of passing moments.

This piece arrives in a roll, in which the customer may have stretched by a local frame shop or artist. The canvas extends over 2 inches on each side from the listed measurement of 96x80in, for a total of 100x84in, giving it enough extra material to wrap around a 1.5in deep stretcher bar. Certificate of Authenticity included and signed on side allowing it to be hung at any orientation.

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