$140.00 USD

A Giclee is basically a high quality fine art print. The quality is worthy of being displayed in a museum by using 12 pigmented inks on an archival substrate. Most artists do not have these expensive printers in their studio and have it done out of house and then it is sent out directly to the customer. That being said, the artist never even see's or touches the product their customer is receiving. This never sat well with Rob, so he has invested in the equipment to do it on his own.

The entire process is done here in the studio with top of the line equipment and media. The original is shot with a Sony A7Riv(61mp), brought into Photoshop for accurate color matching and then printed with a Canon 6100 (60" 1200x2400 dpi with 12 pigmented inks) on Archival Epson Exhibition Canvas (395gsm 23mil). The print is then hand signed and then varnished by Rob.  Seeing he has all this technology at his finger, he also has the ability to do embellished prints which he will be offering shortly.

-Please let us know if you're looking for anther size. We can go smaller or up to 60 by whatever inches.

-Use the current promo code on the home page at checkout for 25% off.

-The print extends 3 inches each direction from the listed measurement.  Thus allowing it to easily go over a 1.5" deep bar.  Rob usually hand signs his work on the side, but let us know if you'd prefer it be on the front. 

-Free worldwide shipping. Prints are currently only available rolled up and shipped in a tube. Please visit your local frame shop to have it stretched. It's actually an easier process than bringing a picture to be framed...less choices to be made and easier on the wallet as well.

-The material also stretches very easily, so doing it yourself is always an option. If you were to go this route, we'd recommend just stretching it over a blank canvas purchased at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc...these stores often have coupons/sales in which the blank canvas can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Let us know if you do decide to go this route, we'd be happy to help you through it. If you still don't have the confidence you could always bring the blank canvas and print to the frame shop.

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