Stuck In The Past | 48"x48"

$0.00 USD

Despite the bold and energetic scratches/markings that make up "Stuck in the Past", there is a sense of nostalgia within the work. Perhaps it is the warm color scheme, or the way the layers of paint seem to build up through time, but the painting somehow feels like a memory suspended in time. As the viewer takes in the painting, they might feel a sense of being stuck in the past themselves, unable to move forward.
Overall, Stuck in the Past is an abstract painting that is both visually stunning and emotionally evocative. The intricate lavers of texture and color come together to create a work that is simultaneously familiar and mysterious, inviting viewers to explore the different shades and textures with their eyes and their imagination.

This piece is on a panel mounted to 1.5in deep frame giving it the appearance of stretched canvas.
Certificate of Authenticity and signed on the side allowing it to be hung at any orientation.

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